Wash & Valet


Mini Valet : From £25 – £45

Hand wash using wash and wax shampoo, leather off bodywork, chemically clean wheels, polish windows, apply long lasting tyre shine, apply dressing to all vinyl areas, vacuum interior including boot, clean door shuts including boot, apply air freshener.

Interior Valet : From £35 – £50

Vacuum interior including boot, apply polish to dashboard and all vinyl areas, shampoo and vax fabric interior or clean and condition leather interior, spot clean head lining, polish all interior glass, empty and clean all ashtrays, remove all rubbish, clean door shuts and apply air freshener.

Full Valet : From £50 – £80

As Mini Valet plus: polish/wax depending on condition of paintwork, apply leather conditioner to interior or shampoo fabric interior, clean head lining, remove minor scratches, shampoo mats or apply rubber restorer. This valet is ideal for sales purposes.

Prestige Valet : From £100

Please ask for details.